A grand day out at Dover's Games

On Friday 1st June, the Shuttlefish team descended on Dover’s Hill to celebrate the 406-year-old Cotswold Olimpicks – with Director Tom taking on the position of Chairman for this year’s edition of this historically-significant event, we thought the entire team should go along to support him…and what a great event it was.

It’s a proper old-fashioned family fun day with all sorts to enjoy, including live music, morris dancing, a helter skelter, face painting, splat the rat, fire-eating, archery and jousting. And if you’re brave enough, there’s a whole host of other traditional events such as tug o’ war, shin-kicking, championship of the hill and champion of the hill that you can enter.

If you’ve never seen shin-kicking before, it’s definitely something to put on your bucket list – that noise of shoe on unprotected bone is a sound that most certainly sticks in your mind. The aim of the game is to get your opponent on the ground, kicking their shins and holding on tightly to their shoulders in an effort to do so.

In addition to the unique entertainment on offer, a long line of local independent caterers served up delicious food, including burgers, burritos, crepes, ice cream and wraps. And to finish the night off in style, the beacon was lit, and a fantastic firework display ensued, with the crowds looking out over the Vale of Evesham.

A torch-lit parade back down Dover’s Hill has been part of the tradition since the very beginning, so this year was no different – when the fireworks had ended, everyone in attendance strolled back to Chipping Campden on mass with lit torches in hand, led by a brilliant marching band. We were all welcomed into the heaving town square for live music and frivolities that went on well into the night…

Having missed a year before Tom took the helm, it was great to see the Games come back with a bang – and it’ll no doubt be just as successful next year too!

If you missed it this year, make sure you pencil the date of the next Games in your calendar – it’s Friday 31st May 2019 – and if you want to take part in some of the aforementioned pastimes, don’t forget to sign up in advance! You’ll find all you need to know at https://www.olimpickgames.co.uk/ in the coming months.

This time next year, you could be Shinkicking World Champion – how would that feel?!