The Shuttlefish photo shoot – a sneak peek behind the lens

It’s not every day you spend the morning in a farmer’s field, exposed to a rather chilly breeze, but that’s exactly what the seven of us at Shuttlefish did on Tuesday. And it was all in the name of creativity.

As you’re reading this on our news page, you’ll no doubt be aware that we recently launched this shiny new website with a refreshed image, complete with case studies and examples of our latest work, so we thought we’d better take some high-quality photos to finish it off. And we really can’t wait to upload them.

Without wanting to give away all our secrets, we set about doing something a little different, so we sat down and had a think about fun, original ways to showcase what Shuttlefish is all about. Although we haven’t finished the final edit yet, we’re pretty confident the stills and video content will completely show you what our agency means to us – and we hope it’ll show our clients a different side to us, too.

Our long-term photography partner, @nickshortphoto, came to lend a hand – as the pics wouldn’t be quite right with a member of the team behind the camera rather than in front of the lens – and he captured some awesome portraits, group shots and video.

Our beautiful, branded tuk tuk, the Shuttlefish, was the star of the show (why wouldn’t it be?!) and we put it through its paces in an effort to bring out the very best in this rickety auto rickshaw. It’s difficult to do, trust us. But we had a heck of a lot of fun trying! We even got the drone out, waiting anxiously for the wind to die down for a few precious moments to capture some wobble-free footage of our three-wheeled mascot. You can find out a bit more about the tuk tuk on our About page.

We really can’t wait to show you the end product – keep your eyes peeled right here and follow us on Facebook and Instagram, as it won’t be long before the big unveiling...