A bit about us

Here in our splendid studio on the edge of Shakespeare’s Stratford, our expert team creates high-quality artwork for both digital and print advertising for an eclectic mix of clients scattered all over the country, and a few further afield.

We’ve whipped up some pretty cool stuff over the years, and you can take a look at examples of our latest work in our portfolio – keep up to date with new campaigns, ideas and photography by following us on Instagram and Facebook, and taking a look at our blog. And make sure you get in touch if you like what you see!


The Team

Tom Threadgill

Creative Director


John Roberts

Technical Director


Nikos Tilegrafos

Senior Designer

Adam Payne

Stuart Thomason

Web Developer


Kelly Duggan

Head of Content


Amy Rouse

Office Manager

Adam Payne

Adam Payne



The Shuttlefish

Cool Transport

The Shuttlefish The Shuttlefish The Shuttlefish The Shuttlefish
The Shuttlefish The Shuttlefish The Shuttlefish

The Shuttlefish Tuk Tuk

Have you ever wondered what’s the best way to get noticed? A bold brand, colourful print ads, daring digital ads, or something completely different? The Shuttlefish Team values the whole lot but we majored on the latter when it came to doing our own marketing! We use a genuine auto rickshaw to drive around our creative base and beyond. Tastefully wrapped in our own unique design, people can’t help but admire the audacity of driving an unheated, underpowered vehicle built for warmer climates in the freezing English countryside. Vive la difference!


"He who would travel happily must travel light." Antoine de Saint-Exupery