The client

Ben are a large benevolent fund supporting their members made up primarily from the automotive industry in the UK. Operating since 1905 offering confidential advice and support with their mental health, physical health and wellbeing. They also operate a number of care homes with a focus on care for the elderly from the automotive sector.

Client NameBen CareService TypeBranding, Brand Guidelines, Brochure

The brief

Ben Care needed to position itself as an independent arm of the main Ben master brand. They felt there was some confusion with the work it does with it’s membership still working (mental health, wellbeing) and it’s very different offering for the elderly in need of care. Ben Care were looking for a new brand, tone of voice and a set of comprehensive brand guidelines their internal design time could use to create future digital and print collateral.

Branding for you

A team that truly cares

After a brand workshop with some of the Care Home Managers, the marketing and operations team at Ben Care – one thing really came to the fore. The Managers were unbelievably dedicated to their residents. It’s easy to say that people in care, genuinely care – but there was true emotion in our brand interviews. One Manager was devastated that her and her team could not say goodbye to particular residents who had sadly passed away during the Covid lockdowns. They were awe-inspiring people – and we knew that their dedication to always care for the people in their care was genuine, warm and full of affection.

Branding and brand guidelines

We used a heart, that had a link back to the master ‘Ben’ logotype, so there was still some continuity as well as a similar colour palette – that also reflected the warmth in the team, the organisation. This was applied to a comprehensive set of branding guidelines, that afforded Ben Care the control and consistency when creating future collateral.


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Anna Burke. Marketing Manager. Ben Care