The client

The Eight Bells Inn in Chipping Campden is a traditional pub serving good food and ale and has a number of guest rooms for visitors to this jewel in the North Cotswolds.

Client NameEight BellsService TypeBranding, Website Design and

Eight Bells Pub Chipping Campden Cotswolds Graphic device

The Brief

Whilst still a traditional pub and previous CAMRA winner, the demographic of the clientele had been gradually changing of those frequenting the pub and those staying in the guest rooms. The pub wanted to freshen up its identity.

The Branding

The name Eight Bells comes from the time the building was constructed for the workers on the church and to house the bells from St James (the famous Grade 1 Wool Church one minute from the pub) in it’s past. The use of eight vertical bars, that signify the ropes used to sound the bells gives the brand a strong look, that helps us unify any collateral. A slightly-off British racing green gives a premium feel which is supported by some vibrant colours to keep the brand bright and modern. We used imagery from historical archives from Chipping Campden on menus and collateral.

The Website

Having gathered the content by way of interview and collaboration with the client, we used photographs taken in and around the pub, combined with images from the local archive to link the past and present. The site links through to the client’s chosen booking engine and they can update the content themselves, through the Wordpress platform on which it’s built.

The Sinage

Given the longevity of pub signs, we felt that something a bit special was required and so we set about creating something with meaning that would be a bit of an attraction in its own right – something for the Instagrammers! We came up with this design for a few of reasons. Firstly the cut-out sections throw amazing light and shadows across the buildings in all weather. Secondly, they also represent, with the gaps, a reminder of friends and pub-goers who are no longer with us. For a four century-old inn, that’s a lot of folk. Lastly, the sign was ‘pre-rusted’ by the fabricators which blends in with the local stone and also takes on a number of different appearances, depending on the weather and light.

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The result

A cohesive, modern brand which recognises the past and the present and fits in with its ancient surroundings while hinting at something different and up-to-the-minute.


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